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“Through my weakness, God shows forth His grace.”

God is the Creator of all people, and He needs each one of us to serve Him. This is the uplifting message shared by Author Elaine Bender in I Am Exceptional. This book uplifts special needs children as children of God who are, as the Bible indicates, healthy, chosen, prosperous, and loved.

The author shares a beautiful scripture-based message that highlights the truth that in God’s eyes, whatever our special needs might be, either seen or unseen, we are all His creation and made in His image with special gifts and abilities. We are all needed by God to show others how to live for Him.

“I may not walk just the same, but the narrow path is always my aim.”

Whether we can’t see, have limited mobility, a hearing impediment, or any other disability, all God’s children see and hear the Shepherd, and He works through them every day. I Am Exceptional is a reminder for everyone that what counts is on the inside; what truly matters is in our hearts, and it is our weaknesses that display God’s strength.

We are all special and needed to fulfill God’s plan.

“And praise our God for this life that we live, and His amazing son, Jesus, for serving as He did.”