Rest for the Caregiver

Summer is in full swing – hotdogs on the grill, swimming in the pool, and time off from school.  Sound good? 

To some, summer is not quite that relaxing.  The consistency of the normal school schedule is replaced with decisions like do I send him to “extended school year (ESY)” or a special needs camp?  Am I able to stop in the middle of the day for summer school pickup or is all day camp easier on my schedule?  What about the cost of camp vs no cost for summer school?

I want the best for my son, but sometimes all of these decisions can make me feel dizzy and second guess myself.  This is when I know I need to stop, I need to pray, and I need to refocus my priorities.

How can I truly care for another if I forget to take care of myself?

  • There is something about starting the day with a good cup of coffee, the smell, the warmth as I swallow, that clears my throat and my head first thing in the morning.
  • That dear friend that I don’t get to see often enough, but comes over with breakfast to see my “no makeup on” face, sitting in my “lived in” house J, that comes to see ME.
  • And that slow walk in the neighborhood right before a heavy rainstorm, where the breeze just rejuvenates your soul.

These are ordinary things, but so good to my spirit and really allow me to rest and recharge, to continue my most blessed service, caring for another.

What fuels you to be your best, dear friend?  Do that.  Express that.  Those around you might not realize you need a break, but I bet you will feel the love as you share your need with them.  It’s important for you to get your cup filled so you can keep filling others. 

Are you the spouse of a caregiver?  Could your spouse use an extra hour of sleep by you lending a hand in the care giving?

Are you a friend of a caregiver?  How about make an extra cup of coffee in a to-go cup and share with that special needs parent as you chat on her porch?  You’ll both be glad you did.

Thank you for being on this journey with us, shedding a different light on disabilities!

God bless!

1 Corinthians 12:22-27

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