Special Needs Diagnosis

The day the phone rang…

Just a few short days after my second son was born, I received the phone call no parent is quite prepared to receive.  I still vividly remember that call even today.  “Your child has a diagnosis of …” 

What were you told about your child? 

Down syndrome was the diagnosis we received.  Time seemed to stand still for a moment as I heard the doctor talk.  Like with my first child, I prayed for this gift from God, for this child that we would love, help to learn, that would grow up, live on his own, get married, have kids… 

But now,

  • What was his life going to look like? 
  • What about all the plans God had for him? 
  • Can he really fulfill the purpose he is supposed to?

As a parent, many thoughts go through your mind.  This is likely not what you expected, not what you planned for.  And what will the future hold?  This journey has led us to many appointments and many therapies, some where we left frustrated.  But after 10 years, what seemed so uncertain at first, has instead had more blessings than we know we would have had otherwise.

Having our son has blessed us in so many ways, the gifts he has shown us, the awesome community of other special needs families we have met, and the amazing therapists, friends and church members that have such a heart for this community.  We have been beyond blessed for sure!

To hear more about our story and my first children’s book in honor of my son, I would love for you to watch

TCT’s “Julie and Friends” on Friday, October 9th at 8:30 am EST, 5:30 pm EST, and Saturday, October 10th at 1:30 am EST.   


What is your story?  How have you been blessed?  I would love to hear from you!

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1 Corinthians 12:22-27

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