Siblings in a special needs family…

There are some people that are making a huge difference in our communities, our schools, our churches, and our world and these are the siblings in a special needs family.  They are bringing a different “light” to what people on the outside might see at first glance. 

This week Jamie Foxx’s sister, who had a diagnosis of Down syndrome, passed away.  I had watched an interview with the two of them and they had such a close bond.  Well I see that same sweet bond with my boys and know they are BOTH here to change this world for the better!

Is life hard or unfair for these siblings?  I hope you read this and see how their lives really are…

Living with a sibling who has special needs may not always seem easy, but your life will have more joy, love, boldness, compassion, and fun that others may never quite understand.

When you see your brother work hard to accomplish something that came easy to you,

                Cheer others on for trying and never giving up.

When your brother asks to dress up in superhero costumes for the millionth time,

                Remember these adventures as you dream about your future.

When you see your brother forgive you over and over for how you treated him,

                Remember how many times Jesus said to forgive others.

When your brother gives you a hug and shows you how important you are,

                Remember how God loves us all unconditionally too.

When your brother needs extra help and time from your parents,

                Be confident in your abilities and your growing independence.

When you are embarrassed by how he acts when you are out,

                Show others how to care for someone in need.

When your brother is treated poorly when strangers are around,

                Stand up for others who cannot stand up for themselves.

Being a sibling, you may not have chosen, but you can choose how you use these lessons and make a difference in this world that others cannot.

I would love to have a conversation with you and hear more about your story. 

Comment here or send me an email from my website.

Thank you for being on this journey with us, shedding a different light on disabilities!

1 Corinthians 12:22-27


2 Replies to “Siblings in a special needs family…”

  1. Love this, Elaine: “…your life will have more joy, love, boldness, compassion, and fun that others may never quite understand.” There is so much beauty and strength in this statement.

  2. Elaine, as the Nina to these two boys, and watching your little family grow, and AND seeing the bond between the two boys…I know it is God’s gift to the world. But your putting it into words and the awesome beautiful way you are doing it makes my heart dance to a joyful tune.💓

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